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Signal box "Kvitkov"

Signal tower Kvitkov from Faller company will interlock track section between
stations Orechov and Moravany.

A kit of signal shed from Faller
(Pola G) company.

The fits of kit.

Instruction manual.

External walls of the ground

Ground floor is built-up.

Glassed-in doors.

Entering door.

External walls of the first floor.

Fixation by elastic bands.

Body structure of the
signal box.

Door of the first floor.

Woden stair landing.

Built-up roof.

Handrailing on the stair landing.

Pressed piece of the bolster ...

... must cut at first ...

... and consequently stick toget-
her ...

Whole bolster is stick together
from two pieces. There is a open-
ing for lightbulb.

Signal box is stick-up
to bolster.

Wooden stairs.

Detail of the roof.

Pulley of the wire transmission.

Turnbuckle of the wire transmis-

Particular pieces of the wire trans-

Signal box Kvitkov.

Signal box Kvitkov.