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Steam engine "Rocket"

Stephenson´s "The Rocket" - legend among locomotives, became our first 5" steam engine. This model of Japanese company O.S. Locomotive has been delivery as a cart kit. You can have a look here at steam engine assembling.

Technical description:

This model has been construe according to original Robert Stephenson´s steam engine. Stephenson construed "The Rocket" for Liverpool & Manchester Railway´s competition in 1829. Bidding requirements were following: price bellow 550£, ability haul triple of their mass on 70 miles track (cca 113 km) and speed 10 Mph (cca 16 km/h).
Replica of steam engine is in The National Technical Museum in York, England. Couple of photos you can see below, next photos you can see in reportage Through England to Isle of Man, 2nd part.

Description of the model:

The model is "a mitte" on 5 inch track. It has standard controls such as bigger engines. Throttle control lever controls carload of steam into steam cylinders and it´s a main control element. Lever reverser controls over driving direction and it has three positions - driving forward, driving reaward and neutral. Blower valve and whistle are another control elements. The steam engine has oiler, which feed an oil into steam cylinders.
There is a barrel with a water on the tender. It is uses for feed a water into boiler. On the tender is a hand pump, too. Water is filling by axle pump on the run. You can adjust water circuit by the clack-valve.



Standard gauge:



600 mm


183 mm


415 mm

Mass of the engine:

9 kg

Mass of the tender:

3 kg

Side view.

Front view.

View from the back.

General view.

Engineer´s cab.

Steam cylinders.

Pressure gauge and throttle
control lever.

Throttle control lever, whistle
and safety valve.


Steam dome.

Front weight.



Tender with barrel.

Lever of hand pump.

Barrel with a clack-valve.

Conecting hoses.

Steam engine with a service car.

Side view.

Front view.

Hand brake lever and
lever locking.

Detail of wheel.

Steam engines Rocket and Krze-
nowic - they are like David and

Steam engines Rocket and Krze-
nowic - they are like David and